How do I apply Root & Stone – All Natural Deodorant?

Use your finger (or an applicator of your choice) to apply a small (typically a Pea sized, up to a Lima Bean sized) amount to fully cover each underarm. Rub the deodorant in to your underarm to evenly apply it to your underarm. It will dry out in a matter of seconds.

How much deodorant should I apply?

If you have shaved armpits, a Pea sized amount is usually sufficient.

If you have underarm hair, then a Lima Bean sized amount is usually sufficient.

Can I apply Root & Stone deodorant to other areas of my body?

Yes, you can apply Root & Stone Deodorant to any external areas of your body to control body odor. Root & Stone is not designed to be applied internally.

I have sensitive skin and/or have adverse reactions to many deodorants. Can I use Root & Stone deodorant?

Yes, most likely, but everyone’s skin is different!

Root & Stone Deodorant is made with high quality, food safe ingredients.

In general, Root & Stone is very well tolerated by people who have skin sensitivities or who have had problems using traditional deodorants.

Root & Stone does contain some Salt, Baking Soda and a small amount of Tea Tree Oil. These three ingredients have the potential to affect people who have severe skin sensitivities or allergies to salts and/or Tea Tree Oil.

Please try our “Sensitive Skin” version that is formulated with less salt and that does not contain any Tea Tree Oil.

Handling, Storing, Cleaning

Please keep the deodorant container lid closed for maximum product longevity. When stored in a closed container, Root & Stone deodorant will keep for 18+ months.

Root & Stone is a water soluble deodorant cream. It can be mixed with water to thin it out, and/or can be dissolved with water & vinegar to clean up after a spill.

If the deodorant container was left open for too long and it appears to have dried out some, you can add a few drops of water to the container and stir it well to re-hydrate the deodorant back into a cream.