Root & Stone Natural Deodorant

Discover the Power of Nature 🌿


Surprisingly Effective

You've probably tried various natural deodorants. But have you found one that genuinely lasts? Root & Stone offers 24+ hours of deodorizing protection. Perfect for the sweltering Florida summers.


Pure and Natural

Crafted with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are kitchen safe and food grade:

  • No Aluminum
  • No Parabens
  • No Preservatives
Trust in a product that cares about your skin and health.


Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

The earth will love you back! Our commitment to nature doesn't stop at ingredients. We prioritize:

  • Sustainable Ingredients
  • Recyclable Packaging
Join us in our mission to care for the planet.


Affordable & Lasting

Experience premium quality without the premium price tag.

  • 2 oz jar — 2 months supply for $8
  • 4 oz jar — 4 months supply for $14


Tested to Perfection

Don't just take our word for it. We've rigorously tested our product. Imagine camping in the Florida heat, days without showering, and still - no underarm odor. That's the power of Root & Stone.


Ready to make the switch?

Choose a deodorant that truly understands your needs. Tap into the unparalleled effectiveness of Root & Stone today. With Root & Stone, embrace the natural way to stay fresh with a deodorant that's more effective than your store-bought brands and kind to the environment.

Finally, an all natural deodorant that is truly effective!
Our Products
Root & Stone - Natural Deodorant - Tea Tree - 2 fl oz
Root & Stone
Natural Deodorant
Regular Size
Tea Tree - 2 fl oz
Lasts 1 to 2 months. Travel size compliant (2.0 fl oz)
Root & Stone - Natural Deodorant - Tea Tree - 4 fl oz
Root & Stone
Natural Deodorant
Double Size
Tea Tree - 4 fl oz
Lasts 3 to 4 months!